PLTU Suralaya

Technique: Rigid Inclusion

PLTU Suralaya is own by PLN West Java and Greater Jakarta Therma Plant Main Project which being constructed by Doosan (Korea) and Hutama Karya JV, as main contractor. ArthaGeo is called to help performed ground improvement at Coal stockpile bundwall. The soil condition is very soft clay layer underlain by weathered rock, where the bearing capacity if found to be very low. The challenge with this project is the limited time for construction since the work has to be done within a month.

The original proposal from Doosan is by using stone column as ground improvement, however, it will require a longer time of construction. ArthaGeo was invited and propose Rigid Inclusion which are able to offer not only a higher bearing capacity but also a faster construction period. For an Area of more than 5,000 sq.m, the work can be completed within 3 weeks time.


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