Donggala & Wani Port

Technique: Rapid Impact Compaction

ArthaGeo was trusted to help PT Wijaya Karya (Persero), in performing ground improvement for the new reclaimed land of the new port with the area . The reclamation is form using sand material which is installed at shore of Donggala and Wani with a thickness of maximum <6m. The area each Donggala and wani are 23.259,57 and 5.050 meter.

Palu area is highly prone to earthquake and the new reclaim sand is highly susceptible to liquefaction if it is not treated properly. Hence, it required ground improvement to densify the sand to a level where it is safe against liquefaction. The method we used for the soil in the Wani Port area and donggala was Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC).


Donggala Port-1


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